Transforms air into pure drinking water



For decades, people have been looking for ways to find a natural source of water that can be free all pollutants. Today it is available, and it is right in the air we breathe. The new state of art water-generating machine "Waterex" offered by the Librex Group makes that possible by tranforming ambient air into pure drinking water. With its sophisticated filtration and purification technology it has been proven to be unparellered in reliability for human consumption.

The Waterex unit is an effective stand alone generator that provides membrane filterted, ultraviolet (UV) purified, hot, warm and cold water extracted from the ambient air, eliminating the inconvinience of buying water refills, storing used and unused water bottles and troublesome piping.

Not only does the Waterex provide hassle-free water, it also provides healthy natural drinking water when needed. The constant water-recirculation process ensures that Waterex's water is always fresh and pure, with an overflow protection sensor.

 Designed with Waterex's Reverse Osmosis membrane technology, this revolutionary process will help meet the growing demand for good tasting, quality drinking water. This alternative water source is important for anyone who wishes to maintain control over their own pure water supply.



The Waterex Difference!

 Doctors and nutritionists agree that the best drink for our body's optimum health is pure water. The Waterex is unlike any other waterpurifier or water dispenser availiable. The Waterex machine produses water that is nitrate and chloride free, which makes it a must have for children and babies. It compines truly advanced purification eliminating the need for humans to cosume "unnecessary" chlorine in drinking water.


 The Waterex superior design based on Reliability, functionality and style, offers:

- Hassle-free operation without any piping or storage requirements

- Great performance, outstanding value

- Minimal servicing and maintenance costs

- Superior reliability and dependability

- Proven heating and refrigeration technology

- State of the art membrane filtration technology

- Micro-computer with a digital view window to monitor the unit

- Almost free natural high purity drinking water!

With an abundant supply of atmospheric air, clean and natural water is available at the push of a flap. The Waterex Technology is unique in provinding water in the purest form-much like crystal-like dew found only on mountaintops.

                           WATEREX VS BOTTLED WATER:                             


- Water is prodused when you need it

- Water tastes fresh, and is chemical-free and odor-free

- No storage or space is needed for bottles

- Adaptable to high and low humidity areas.

- No physical efford or strain needed to use the Waterex system

- The Waterex water complies with international standards, and is laboratory tested to be free of contaminants.

- The Waterex system provides a continuous, uncontaminated, delicious supply of water.

Bottled Water:

- Bottled water is processed days, weeks or even months before you drink it

- Sometimes tastes musty and contains chemicals for preservation.

- Bottled water requires storage space for full and empty bottles and are difficult to transport.

- Cannot be stored in humid environments.

- Heavy bottles need to be lifted presenting potential injury risks.

- In some countres, no specific standards regulate the bottled water industry.

- Must be purchased in set quantities and sizes, causing consumers to ration their water usage.


Tranforming air into pure water, how?

The Waterex system is a new, state of the art water generating machine which takes humidity out of the air and turns it into pure drinking water.

Does it need Plumbing?

No, just plug it into any electrical socket, switch it ON and watch it produce water.

How many liters of water does it produce per day?

It can produce up to 34 liters of water per day.

How many filters does it have?

The seven stage filtration system ensures the purest drinking water free of chemicals using the "Reverse Osmosis" and the "Ultra Violet" Filters, while the electrostatic air filter is cleaning the air in your home or in your office.

Does the water contain any minerals?

Much of the minerals needed by our bodies are airborne and therefore are present in the Waterex water.


 Technical Features:

Advanced VDF display makes it easier to monitor the operation, water quality and air humidity conditions.

Clean air comes back out of the Waterex after being filtered.

Detachable tray to hold overflown water.

Hot, warm or cold settings to suit your needs.

Side Vents are designed to allow air flow into the unit, before the condensing point.


Technical Specifications:

Voltage : 220-230 V or AC110      

Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz

Operation Wattage : 650 W                      

Heating Wattage : 500 W

Storage capacity : 20 liters

Temparature Range : 19 C - 45 C

Humidity Range : 35% -95 %

Size (cm) : 40 x 40 x 110

Net Weight : 41,2 kg